Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't be fooled by imitators

Across the pond, a knockoff line of Ms. Eva-esque sheep, cloned by her bitter half sister Dolly, has saturdated the European market with cheap imitations that offer none of the wooly goodness that Ms. Eva has given her North American owner. Ms. Dolly is huge in Britain, where the standards are far lower than in the States, and where Ms. Dolly's insatiable low standards care nothing of bad teeth or boiled food.

The Brits love Ms. Dolly because she never says no, but Ms. Eva has staunchly opposed her line of inflatable sheep. With much bleating and hoof stamping, Ms. Eva attacked Ms. Dolly, saying :This is baaahhd for Europe and baaahhhhdd for the inflatable sheep industry as a whole! I don't know about ewe, but this slutty sheep coudln't make an honest buck if all the deer in the world mounted her backside.


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