Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ms. Eva is for ... office related inebriation

It's been a while, but Ms. Eva is most certainly back in town and NOT dead of a sexually transmitted disease. Oh sure, she has plenty of STDs, but none that can kill you, especially not if you happen to be a latex rubber inflatable sheep. With makeup. And a beauty mark. And a glory hole.

For those who might be interested, Ms. Eva is venturing back out into the wilds of awkward office gatherings to say things she can't take back to the people she cares about most. She hopes to make out with no less than 6 office working co-eds, a donkey, a men's room urinal and of course an upside down barstool. It's all happening at the Burren tomorrow night, and everyone with an open mind and an open fly is invited to attend.

Yes, that includes you Mr. Cornell. You sexy bitch.


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