Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ms. Eva ... on college rugby teams

"Ok, I'll be the first to admit, I have a soft spot for college rugby teams.

"Those tight little shorts, those striped long sleeved jerseys damp with naked inhibition and stained with mud and grass ... it's enough to make an inflatable sheep lose control.

"In all honesty that's probably why I let myself go so badly with those hunks from Stonehill College the other night. I let them toss me around their dorm like some meat puppet before they did body shots off my utter.

"Before I knew it I was so hopped up on grass and Scotch that I was hungrily huffing down fumes from some spray can while the boys cheered me on with tantalizing chants from the olden days of Stonehill. Believe you me it was fantastic, because those glory day songs had my glory hole in a tizzy that all the rams in New Zealand couldn't have tamed.

"No, my thirst that fine night was one that could have been quenched only by scrums, rucks, mauls, hookers, tight head props and flankers. And quenched it was, so much so that before I knew it my virgin white mane had been spray painted an awful shade of black and I found myself stumbling through some other dorm in a drunken stupor. It was, quite simply, superb.

"And don't ask about the stupid bra, because this free swinging latex sheep never wears them. This was a special occasion however, and those boys could have made me bark like a little dog if they wanted to.

"On second thought, maybe they did..."

-- Ms. Eva, 10 November 2005


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Sean D. Whip III said...

Where are ewe? Once again I'm addicted to a blog, but... Ms. Eva seems to be too busy whoring it up down on 5th street.


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